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UMANG; A Step For E- Governence

Indian Government has taken a step for digitalization of India. A new application has been introduced by the government to reduce the paper works. Know what are the services of UMAG App and how to use it. Get the new application named ‘Unified Mobile Application for New age Government’ or UMANG in your phone right now.

About UMANG App

The dream of digitization of India of our honorable PM Narendra Modi is ready to be implemented. The Indian the government has now brought a new application UMANG which stand for Unified Mobile Application for New age

Governance. Through this application, users can do all the government works digitally. For example- If a person wants to apply for a passport or wants to pay bills or if he wants to access any other government services which have a digital platform, then he/she can use new UMANG app. Unlike other applications, UMANG App supports the Aadhaar for verification of any govt. services.

UMANG App Features

Umang app featuresThe UMANG App will give the users facility to access different type of agencies with a single app. The Officials has told about this app, “It would be like easy on-boarding of government departments. It would also provide multi-lingual support including English”. Let’s understand its features that why should we use it-

  1. Payment of various utility bills such as electricity, water, mobile, and gas are available in this App.
  2. The App has access to 162 services of 32 departments and 4 states.
  3. The UMANG App supports 13 languages and it caters to on-demand scalability.
  4. It will soon support feature phones without internet through USSD.

Download UMANG Application

  1. umag app dowload

The UMANG App can be downloaded from android directly as it is available on the Google Play. But before using it, the user is required to register yourself on the Application. Follow the below steps to register himself on UMANG and use it easily-

  1. Firstly install UMANG app from ‘Google Play’.
  2. Click on ‘New User’ and it will redirect you to the registration page.
  3. Enter your phone number and click to ‘proceed’. you will be sent an OTP for verification.
  4. Enter the correct OTP. If the entered OTP is correct, you will be asked to set MPIN.
  5. Enter the MPIN. And confirm it by entering the same MPIN for confirmation. when you click proceed, You will be asked a security question.
  6. Choose any two questions and provide answers to them. Again, click to ‘proceed’.
  7. Then, it is the time for Aadhaar integration to enable users to link Aadhaar ID with their UMANG profile.
  8. Enter your Aadhaar number to log in. Click ‘SKIP’ to add the Aadhaar information later.UMANG-App
  9. Click ‘proceed’ to complete the Aadhaar integration. Then, you will be asked for mobile number verification of the number in Aadhaar card.
  10. When you enter your number, You will receive OTP on that number. Enter the OTP received and then, enter the profile information and click ‘Save & Proceed’ or click ‘Skip’ to add the profile details later.
  11. If you have entered an email address in the profile information, then, you will receive an email on your email address for verification and when you check your inbox and click on the verification link, the email is added to the user profile.

Note: Aadhaar number addition allows users to log in to UMANG app. Users can log in using their Aadhaar number. The Aadhaar in UMANG app is for eKYC so that users cannot link their Aadhaar ID with multiple profiles in UMANG.

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